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Delta’s MHF / U.FL Series

MHF/U.FL Series ultra miniature coaxial interconnect system is designed for use in today’s compact wireless devices. Its low mated hight of less than 2.5mm and equally small footprint of just 7.7mm² are impressive for a connector with an operational frequency range of DC to 6 GHz.

Packaged on tape and reel, the receptacles are designed to be placed with automatic “pick and place” equipment. The plugs are ordered on cable assemblies with a variety of ultra fine coaxial cables, as well as a few select RG type cables. These assemblies can be configured in MHF/U.FL plug to MHF/U.FL plug, MHF/U.FL pigtail, as well as MHF/U.FL plug to multiple standard connector options such as: SMA, MCX, MMCX and others.

Due to their incredibly small size and operational frequency range, MHF/U.FL connectors and assemblies are ideally suited for applications in mobile phones, wireless communication devices, instrumentation, test points, GPS, Bluetooth, and all applications requiring a compact, high frequency (6 GHz), coaxial connection.